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Before Coming
Travelling thousands of miles to Singapore with your family and possessions (and often your pets as well) in tow can be a trying experience. What you'll require is information. Lots of information about preparing for the move, about packing, about the paperwork involved, the visa and permit requirements, the pet quarantine regulations, the customs restrictions ... you get the picture. Knowing all this can help you avoid delays and mistakes and make your expatriation process as pleasant (or at least uneventful) as possible.

First things first PDF Print E-mail
This is where it all starts. You're thinking about working and living in Singapore, or maybe you've even been offered a job here. If the move is confirmed, you'd better be prepared for weeks of packing, moving, worrying, travelling, settling and more worrying. In this section, we give you some tips to help you out.
The Airport PDF Print E-mail
Changi Airport will probably be your first experience of Singapore when you arrive. Read for yourself what makes it one of the best airports in the world, not to mention the great duty-free shopping!
Immigration, Job-hunting and Visas PDF Print E-mail
Information on immigration procedures, looking for a job and obtaining a visa for entry to Singapore.
Employment Passes and Work Permits for Singapore PDF Print E-mail
Obtaining a valid work pass or permit is, of course, the pre-requisite to coming here in the first place, so you may as well know about them.
Expat Wives - their work and social life PDF Print E-mail
There have been an increasing number of expatriate wives concerned at how to get a job and remain productive in Singapore to help support the household. Social activities for the newly arrived are also sometimes a problem. Here is the answer!
Professional and Social Visit Visas for Singapore PDF Print E-mail
If you are on a short-term visit, these are what you need.
Citizenship and Permanent Residence PDF Print E-mail
Find out the crieria if you're thinking of applying for Singapore citizenship or PR status, including the latest changes to the the latter, which came into effect on Jan 1, 1999.
What Is An Expatriate Package? PDF Print E-mail
Everyone dreams of getting a good one, but how many really know what it is?
5-Step Guide to Packing PDF Print E-mail
Packing isn't about just throwing everything into boxes and calling for the movers. There's a lot you can do to make the move a smooth and successful one.
Relocation and Packing Checklist PDF Print E-mail
Think of this as a reminder checklist you can print out and refer to. Sure beats tying strings around your fingers.
Important papers and documents to bring PDF Print E-mail
A list of all the papers and documents you'll need to bring with you to Singapore.
Customs Laws and Procedures PDF Print E-mail
Yes, there are many things you cannot bring into Singapore with you, regardless of how important they are to you. So start chewing gum like crazy and find out what is allowed and what is not.
Pet Quarantine, Import and Services PDF Print E-mail
For most, pets are an important consideration during relocation. Making sure all the paperwork is in place and that the animals are looked after and cared for during the move can be quite a task. Therefore you should read this page carefully before bringing any pets with you.
Embassies, Consulates and Legations in Singapore PDF Print E-mail
A listing of all the major embassies and consulates in Singapore, with contact information.

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