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Tips for Parents

Benefits of a Two Way baby Monitor PDF Print E-mail

The baby monitor technology has come a long way from the ancient analog baby monitors that were the only option at one point in time. Not only were these analog baby monitors full of audio disturbances that increased your anxiety about the safety of your child, they had a low range and therefore did not allow you to move freely from one part of the house to another. The baby monitors that you can buy today come with various technological features and you can choose the specific features that you think you can benefit from.

Childproofing Your Home for Your Little One PDF Print E-mail

The house is full of hazards. Checking out your home for child safety takes a knack for realizing exactly what will be enticing to your child. As time goes on you will have to continue your efforts and often reinforce methods that we were working in the past. Child proofing is not about disabling our children from exploration; but rather about allowing them to have firm boundaries with which to express their freedom. You will still have to teach them NO, but you can never truly rely on NO to work. That is especially true when you turn around or have to leave the room for a moment. Kids of all ages are naturally curious and they will want to try, taste and touch everything.


  • Narrow screen resolution
  • Wide screen resolution
  • Auto width resolution
  • Increase font size
  • Decrease font size
  • Default font size