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Eating and Drinking: Eating in Singapore PDF Print E-mail

Ah ... one of the national pastimes in Singapore. No guide to Singapore would be complete without a mention of the wonderful food available here. This section, however, goes further than that. We recognise that different people have different tastes and different needs, be it type of cuisine, home-cooked food or healthy eating. That's why we have tried to include content on as many areas as we can, as well as provide links to other local food sites.

What's in this section

barbecued skewered meat, or satayEating Out - A Local Guide
Things can get pretty confusing when you have four major cuisines, each with its own vocabulary and glossary. This section will not only tell you what is what, but also where you can find it.

Restaurants and International Cuisine
Writing about where and what to eat in Singapore can take up an entire website in itself. We've narrowed it down for you to the absolute must-go's for both local and international fare. Also check out our staff's recommendation

Food Tips & Restaurant Reviews
Would you like to get the most out of eating in Singapore? Have a look at our frequently updated food tips.

Hungry Ang Mo spills the beans on life in Singapore
Luke Otter, better known as Singapore’s number one vegan/vegetarian food blogger Hungry Ang Mo, is a British expat who has lived in Singapore for four years. Ben Holbrook from Singapore caught up with him for a chat about his foodie travails in the Little Red Dot so far...


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