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Singapore River at night   Singapore may be one of the smallest countries in size, but we are certainly big on food, shopping and entertainment. From the spanking new shopping malls of Orchard Road to the bustling hawker centres to the dozens of discos, pubs and restaurants, there’s plenty to do all year round.
   In this section, we provide you with a guide to the food, the shopping, the attractions and the night life. There's even a guide to all the week's happenings - whether you want to catch a play, a concert or visit an art exhibition, we'll tell you where it's at. All you need are an open mind and a comfortable pair of shoes and we guarantee you won’t be bored.

What's in this section:

Singapore After Dark
A comprehensive guide to the nightlife here. A listing of over 70 pubs, discos and wine bars where the young and not-so-young hang out when the sun sets. There're also tips on what to look out for at the various watering holes.

Expatriate quality of life - how Singapore compares
In a survey conducted last year by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) about the quality of expat life involving 479 expatriates from different Asian countries, Singapore came in second behind the Philippines. Not surprisingly, Singapore was first in categories like personal security and education, but lost out when it came to nightlife and entertainment.

Staying Healthy
It's easy to catch the flu bug or to develop a heat rash in our tropical climate, where it's torrential rain one minute and burning sunshine the next. Some advice on staying healthy..

Singapore by Night Boat
Absorb the sights by night and see Singapore in a very different light by taking a trip on a relaxed, unhurried authentic boat trip down the Singapore River.

Venues and Ticketing
Where some of the more popular venues for cultural events are held, and information on where and how to buy tickets.

Art Galleries and Museums
Information and addresses for those looking for some art and culture in Singapore. Not easy, but not impossible.

Buying greens from a Chinatown street hawkerTraditional Singapore
Not all of Singapore is spanking new and 20 storeys high. There are still places where you can find roadside vegetable stalls and get a meal for $2.

Going to the Movies
Singaporeans rank among the highest in the world when it comes to movie-going, but the experience is likely to be different over here. We tell you what to expect.

Saving Money in Singapore
Not everyone is on a fat expat package, and even if you were, there's no reason why you shouldn't be thrifty and smart with  your money.

Yet another national pastime, and just as unhealthy if left uncontrolled. We make sense of the madness that is the Singaporean shopping experience.

Shopping Tips
Where to get what you want, what to look out for (and we don't just mean the sales) and most importantly, the art of bargaining.

hanging out with the zooPlaces Of Interest
The touristy places you need to get out of your system, as well as those you definitely shouldn't miss.

Off-shore Islands - Kusu, St John's and Pulau Ubin
Yes, believe it or not, there are islands smaller than Singapore. The ones mentioned are only minutes away by boat, but each has its own special appeal.

Improving Indoor Air Quality
What can be more important than the air that we breathe? Yet many are unaware that bad air does not have to smell foul to do damage.

login_liveelogo.gif (2576 bytes) is "Abzolute Entertainment", a rapidly expanding Online Entertainment company in Asia.  From concerts to competitions to Chinese language display, boasts up to 5 million hits per month and it is going places.  Currently, you have a chance to meet Britney Spears as well as much more inside.

Local Festive Holidays
Singapore's Chinese, Muslim and Hindu community look forward to some very important dates in their calendar each year and here's a look at the cultural / religious practices. Read

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