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Once you're here

Congratulations! You have made the move to Singapore and your life as an expatriate promises to be an interesting, challenging and - we sincerely hope - enjoyable one.

In this section, we guide you through certain basic areas of life which face you in any country. Insurance, taxation, public services, clubs and so on. We aim to provide the maximum information to ensure minimum hassle for yourselves and family.

What's in this section:

Public Transport
A great option most of the time - clean, efficient and hassle free. Buses, taxis and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) are all covered here.

Owning a vehicle
Singapore is known as one of the most expensive places in the world to own and drive a car. But that doesn't stop the many wanting a four wheel route to freedom and if you are the same, please read this section!

Road rules and regulations
Singapore is a crowded place and that is reason enough to be more careful when driving here. Here we provide basic local rules and regulations as well as information on driving licences and other general pointers.

Importing your own vehicle
Yes, you can, if you are so minded, import your car from overseas to Singapore but please bear in mind it is a long process with a great deal of red tape and expense. Full instructions provided here.

Renting a car
Phew - another section on automobiles. This time, how to go about renting one.

Used cars
Since the price of a new vehicle in Singapore is so high, here is a guide to buying a used model - probably the more logical option for the less wealthy among us.

Banking & Currency
An ever popular subject on our Message Board, banks and which one to go for is always a subject of debate. We aim to provide you with an overview of the system here in Singapore and information on services available, together with useful telephone numbers here.

Buying Insurance
Insurance is a necessary thing and never more so when you are abroad. Singapore has a good range of effective policies from reputable companies, details above.

Doing Business in Singapore
In this section, the ins and outs of setting up a representative office or branch of your organisation here in Singapore.

Health Care
Singapore has an enviable reputation for excellence in its hospitals and doctors, meaning that you can expect high quality treatment when ill. Details here of hospitals, services and local numbers.

Actually, Singapore's taxation system is one of the fairest and most reasonable you will find. Click on this link to find out details.

Police and other emergency services
Singapore is a very safe country and you should not have to worry too much about robbery or violence during your stay. However, here is information on the emergency services for your peace of mind.

The local media
Information for telly-addicts, newspaper readers, an overview of what is on offer for the eyes and ears in Singapore.

Getting on-line
Singapore is a very wired place indeed and there are many Internet Providers waiting for your business. Competition is rife and toll-free dialups are now the norm. More details above!

Expatriate clubs
Your homes far from home - expatriate clubs cater for many nationalities including (but not restricted to) British, German, French, Dutch and local people. Resale of membership for profit is also a prime goal of most who join.

Golf and Country Clubs
The lush and verdant green swathes that cut through part of Singapore tell you that the golf courses here are among the world's best, although expensive.


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