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Night life in Singapore

Although Singapore isn't exactly a city that never sleeps, there's definitely enough to keep pub-crawlers and other nocturnal creatures well occupied. Night spots in Singapore tend to exist in clusters, making pub-hopping even easier. Some of the areas that come to life after dark are Tanjong Pagar, Mohammed Sultan Road, Boat Quay and Pasir Panjang village. Each caters to a different type of crowd so it's well worth doing some exploring. Drink prices are usually pretty standard (about $5-$6 for a beer, and about $8-$10 for a whisky or tequilla shot) but look out for one-for-one drink offers and of course, happy hour. Most discos come with a cover charge which usually includes one or two drinks, but most pubs or wine bars don't come with one.

The most popular night spot areas in Singapore are:

Mohammed Sultan Road
The Three Quays: Boat Quay, Clarke Quay & Robertson Quay
CHIJMES and nearby
Orchard Road

In addition, we also list those places found elsewhere other than the ones listed above (and there are plenty!), as well as special interest places like wine and cigar bars. And of course no night out would be complete without a proper good ol' Singaporean supper at 4am in the morning. Where to find food at that time? We tell you in our midnight dining page.

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