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F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions - Sports and Recreation PDF Print E-mail
Frequently Asked Questions - Sports and Recreation

Question: Can you give a general list of the sports available in Singapore and contact details for these sports ?

Answer: Sure, just click on this link.

Question: I am a keen runner.  Can you give me details of local clubs ?

Answer: Try this link here.

Question: Are public equestrian facilities readily available in Singapore? We would like to keep our childern involved in riding lessons.

Answer: Unfortunately, no, there are no public equestrian facilities. You would probably have to join the Singapore Polo Club for access to such facilities. They have an expat package which costs S$4000 for 2 years, plus a S$105 monthly subscription. The club provides riding lessons and both ponies and horses for children.

Question: Do people ride bicycles in Singapore or is the traffic too dangerous? Are there cycling clubs? Are there mountains nearby that can be cycled to for exercise?

Answer: Yes, people do cycle on the roads here but it really depends on where you live and work. If cycling to work means using an expressway, then we don't advise you to do that. Cycling on a normal road is fine, but bicycles are not allowed to go on the expressway, for obvious reasons. So if you have found a proper route, then cycling to work is no problem at all.

Cycling clubs: most cycling clubs are formed by private organisations like the American Club or British Club, as well as informal groups of people. Some of them advertise in the papers when they're organising biking excursions, so there'll be no problems for you getting in touch with them when you're here.

Most people cycle at the beach, on bicycle trails, but if that doesn't
appeal to you, there are always mountain bike trails at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. If a hill is what you're after, try Mount Faber where you can cycle all the way to the top. There aren't really any mountains in Singapore!

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