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It is becoming increasingly common for expat wives to shun the tai-tai tag and the unfair but common stereotype of rich ladies getting their hair and nails done and chattering away in hotel lobbies. For one thing, many female expats here may well be single and employed on local terms rather than the king's ransoms of the past. Or, some may be single and looking for a job here while on a social visit.

Many come with a husband already in a job that supports the household but simply want to remain productive and get the most out of life here. Whatever the reason, they probably all want to socialise as well. We hope these links will prove useful:

The first and probably best link is for a site called Primetime. It aims to help expatriate women from abroad find a job here and also promotes friendship, socialising and a positive attitude. To quote from the site: "Perhaps you are a professional woman who has relocated to Singapore and you are interested in finding meaningful employment. Maybe you are a working expat woman who enjoys meeting new people. Then again, maybe you are a female employer in Singapore looking for talented employees. Most of all, you want to network and establish new friendships in Singapore."

Check out Primetime here.

Keeping on the subject of socialising, some people would like to mix with fellow expatriates and locals, yet find the fees charged by the heavyweight clubs i.e. British and American, rather expensive. In this case, the best option would probably be ANZA - named the Australia and New Zealand Association but open to all nationalities. A great way to meet people, do sports and enjoy outings at a very reasonable yearly rate.

Check out ANZA here.

Finally, to answer a question everyone has been asking, yes, it is possible for a wife staying on a dependant pass to work on a contractual basis or for a social visit pass to be changed to an employment pass once a job is found.  Full details are here.

If there are still questions on any issue, the Singapore Immigration website is the best port of call and should be accessed via the links below.

Social visitor seeking employment.

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