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Expat Tips on Taxi's

How to improve your chances of getting a taxi!

Click here for your survival guide to taxis in Singapore!

I am putting my own timekeeping on the line here…in revealing some ways I try and "beat the jam" and get my taxi to that all important date/office, it may backfire. But in the spirit of generosity and the desire to help fellow expats, here are my tips for getting a taxi more often than not:

  1. Best tip. Instead of the normal number (6552 2222), ring the Citicab credit card hotline: 6553 8888 – you enter your credit card number and then you should, in all but the very busiest circumstances, get through to an operator almost straight away. Tell them where you are, where you are going, and say yes, you are paying with a card. Then, when you get a cab, simply tell the driver "Uncle, I am paying cash." They certainly prefer $$$ on the spot, so this is a win-win situation for both parties!

    2) When you take a Mercedes cab (you can stop them on the street occasionally with a bit of luck), the drivers will usually have a card because they may well be employed by the airport limousine service company at Changi Airport. In this case, befriend the driver and ask if he has a card. This way, if you are very stuck in future, you can give him a call and hopefully get a cab pronto. The number for a Comfort Mercedes cab is 6552 2828, otherwise just specify to the operator that you want a Merc. It will cost more, perhaps $8-10 extra per booking, but you get a comfier ride and (hopefully) a relatively friendly and clued-up driver.

  2. 3) Make sure you obtain a Comfort and Citycab account where you specify a number of locations and you can ring numbers and dial completely automatically for a cab without needing to go through an operator. The number to register for Citicab is 6552 2929 – they will fax you an application form which you then fill out and return…wait for them to send a PIN in the post and hey presto…it’s easier to get a cab and no more annoying operators. Not foolproof…a tendancy to say "no cab" between 8-8.45am, but a useful weapon. Check with Citycab for their version.
  3. 4) In Orchard, I would say hotels are better bets than shopping centers for taxis. The taxi stand at the Heeren has a good flow of taxis going past, so does the Hilton Singapore, at the other end of Orchard Road. Hope this helps!
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