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Tips for Travellers
  • Always check for hidden costs like airport taxes which are usually not quoted in the package price.
  • Going on your own and making your own arrangements may NOT always be the cheapest way, although you do enjoy more freedom. Look out for promotions and discounts on packages.
  • When booking a package tour, make sure you understand all the fine print, like cancellation and refund conditions. Some packages also state that you can only fly on a certain date at a certain time. Expect to pay more if you're travelling during school vacations, long weekends, or public holidays.
  • If you have young children, make sure the package caters to their needs.
  • A common question: what's the difference between the bigger, more established agencies (you can usually tell from the size of ad they place) and the smaller ones? Answer: not much, especially if you know exactly what you want and require. The staff at the bigger agencies may be more helpful if you're not sure and need detailed information
  • If you are planning to meet up with friends or family before venturing forth, remember that if they are visiting from Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, they need visas for travel into Malaysia and Indonesia. Give at least 2 weeks in advance before you travel to sort out the visas. Call the Malaysia High Commission (6235-0111) or Indonesian Embassy (6737-7422).
  • Tip for dealing with travel agents: you will meet some rude and unhelpful ones if you pick numbers off the newspaper and make cold calls. Over here, most agents will not give you too much information over the phone and will rather you meet them personally so they know you are a genuine customer. Once you've found a good one you can trust, stick to him/her!
  • Always try and change your currency in Singapore before you leave. You can pay with Sing dollars in Bintan and Batam (both in Indonesia).

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