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Travelling: Ujung Padang: The View From The Furthest End PDF Print E-mail
Ujung Pandang: "The View From The Furthest End"

sunset Come to the capital of South Sulawesi, Ujung Pandang, meaning "View from the furthest end."
Formerly known as Makassar, one of the eleven fortresses of the ancient kingdom of Gowa, Ujung Pandang has lots to offer for visitors.

The Bugis, known as a great seafaring people who had a maritime empire, are well known for their expertise.Check out these warriors who used to pose a threat to Dutch interests in the seventeenth century. The unique Torajan culture, including their animistic burial rites, also makes this region fascinating.

Hotel Sedona Makassar The former hub of the Spice Islands boasts of a waterfront hotel name in tribute to the city's heydays: Hotel Sedona Makassar, where welcome is our philosophy.

Relax in the comfort of your room in Hotel Sedona Makassar while you enjoy the sparkling Losari Beach front. You may prefer to visit the hawker stalls along the popular beach. or you may stroll down Jalan Soma Opu and shop to your heart's content.

Our efficient services at Hotel Sedona, coupled with facilities suited to your needs, are always ready for you. You will find them at our Business Center, the exclusive Sedona executive Club or through the Sedona Business Connection. If there is a meeting, our Allamanda Ballroom and Masamba Rooms can cater for groups of 10 to 450 people.

Rotterdam Castle, Balla Lompoa Museum and pristine beaches at Barombong....Visitors on leisure or business trips will find these various tourist attractions simply fabulous.

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