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Healthy Portion

Healthy Portion

Healthy tip

Cook your tomatoes! Research has shown that the chemical lycopene, found in tomatoes, is better absorbed by the body when the tomatoes have been cooked. This compound has been shown to have anti-carcinogenic, or cancer-fighting, capabilities!

Some sites to check out

A couple of interesting sites you may want to check out for more information: -Institute of Food Technology is the American Society for Nutritional Sciences

Cooking lighter and healthier

There are several ways to cut fat and eat healthier. Many ways are simple, such as:

chili.gif (200 bytes) Use low-fat alternatives in recipes. For example, if your recipe calls for sour cream, use the low-fat or light version. You can even go all the way and use fat-free!
chili.gif (200 bytes) Drink skim milk. This not only cuts fat dramatically, but skim milk is also higher, on a weight by weight basis, in calcium than the other milks.
chili.gif (200 bytes) Use less cheese! Many people forget that cheese is a HIGH fat food. Moderation is the key. If you can’t eat less, try a low fat version. However, I’ve noticed the lower fat cheeses don’t bake as well.
chili.gif (200 bytes) Of course, cut back on fried foods. Everyone knows this, but I’m reminding you!
chili.gif (200 bytes) Use less oil. Many recipes state to saut� in 2 tablespoons of oil. I have noticed that half that amount is usually sufficient! Sometimes less than half! Remember, you can always add more- it’s hard to take it out! Even better- saut� in wine, broth, or use cooking spray. If you must use oil, use olive oil (if you don’t want the flavor added of olive, use canola oil).
chili.gif (200 bytes) Double up the vegetables and cut the amount of meat. You can still have meat, but up the amount of greens- this cuts fat and boosts nutrients and fiber. A serving size of meat is suggested to be the equivalent size of a deck of cards.
chili.gif (200 bytes) Steam your veggies! Don’t boil. This helps retain vitamins and minerals and keeps them crispy, yet tender.
chili.gif (200 bytes) Eat more in the morning, less at night. Eat the bulk of your calories in the early to mid-day. This gives your body more time to metabolize calories- less to store as fat!
chili.gif (200 bytes) Eat more fiber. This helps to flush the system and prevent many serious diseases of the intestinal tract. An easy way to do this, and increase your nutrient intake, is to eat fruit (all kinds)- lots of it! Other fiber alternatives: all types of beans (kidney, navy, pinto, etc.) and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and spinach.
chili.gif (200 bytes) Most importantly, actually measure out suggested servings. You may be surprised at how much more you normally put on your plate. This helps you to assess how much you are actually eating.

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