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Milkshake vs Ice-blended

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Milkshake is generally made up of ice-cream blended with a fruit juice or fresh fruits and milk (optional) all blended up. It should have a thick consistency, with no intrusive shards of ice that can actually spoil its flavour. This should not be confused with ice-blended drinks which have a less creamy flavour and do not necessarily have to be made of dairy products such as milk and ice-cream.

How to Whip up a Good Milkshake

You may want to go to the gym after this, but this is my favourite recipe for mango milkshake.

3/4 litres of vanilla ice-cream (or good Haagen Daz mango ice-cream if you have moolah to spare) and 2/3 of a litre of fresh mango juice (Fruit Tree is preferable) put in the blender until a substance of a smooth consistency is created. This will take about 5 minutes at most. Keep the blender at a low speed so that you can supervise the consistency of your milkshake. Do not overblend or the ice-cream will melt and your milkshake will lose the intensity of its flavour. This recipe serves 4 or 3 if you want more to go around.

What Ice-Cream?

Vanilla ice-cream is always a good base for fruit milkshake. Sometimes ice-creams containing fruit flavours that you see on the supermarket shelves may have a rather synthetic flavour, or the intended flavour is so faint it can be mistaken for something else. For fruit milkshake it is adviseable to use a vanilla ice-cream base and a fruit juice combined together. Most fruit juices are made of concentrates so you can be guaranteed that your milkshake will have an intense and authentic fruit flavour.

What Juice?

You can actually add many different kinds of juices with your vanilla ice-cream, but the amount of juice that you add to your ice-cream will have to be in proportion. If you want to try your hand at making a citrus milkshake then you may consider having 2 different juices in your milkshake : orange juice and passionfruit juice. That will mean that 1/3 of a litre of each kind of juice is needed. You can add a dash (50ml) of other flavours for that accent, but you have to cut back 50ml on one of the other fruit juices. If you don't cut back on the proportion, your milkshake might just lose its consistency and becomes rather watery. If this happens, just add on scoops of ice-cream, one at a time, until the mixture is consistently thick.

Adding Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit to oomph up your milkshake is always good, but it really depends on what fruit that you intend to put in. Some fruit are not even suitable for milkshakes. For example, you may want to add oranges for the natural tangy pulp, but be careful to get rid of the white rind that will taste bitter if blended with your milkshake. Also ensure that all the seeds are also taken out. This goes for all citrus fruits.

Red and yellow-fleshed fruits such as papaya and mango are turgid enough to maintain its flavour even when added to milkshake.You can just add a few cubes for that accent, or whole slices for an all-natural flavour. For fruits like apple and pear, you can choose to poach them before adding them to your milkshake. If you have no time for that, I would advise that you just stick to combining them with the juices off the supermarket shelves.You may decide not to put in any kind juice at all, if you choose fruits which have high water content such as watermelon. I wouldn't recommend fresh slices of watermelon for the simple reason that the fruit flavour is rather thin when mixed with something as intensely flavoured as vanilla ice-cream.

Storing Milkshake

It is not adviseable to keep milkshake for too long for the reason that the milkshake will melt and freezing it back will not really help the substance to regain its consistency, much less its flavour. Only whip up milkshake if you are going to serve it almost immediately.

Varying your milkshake

Let your creative juices flow! Here are some tips:

  • You can add a shot of vodka if you want to serve milkshake during a party.
  • You can also try other flavours of ice-cream as a base for a non-fruit milkshake, for example, you can try mocha ice-cream blended with chocolate sauce!
  • If you are health-conscious, you can try some fresh yoghurt or fruit yoghurt off the supermarket shelves if you are not accustomed to the taste of the former.

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