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The baby monitor technology has come a long way from the ancient analog baby monitors that were the only option at one point in time. Not only were these analog baby monitors full of audio disturbances that increased your anxiety about the safety of your child, they had a low range and therefore did not allow you to move freely from one part of the house to another. The baby monitors that you can buy today come with various technological features and you can choose the specific features that you think you can benefit from.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are various kinds of baby monitors to choose from. You will still find some stores that stock analog baby monitors for those who do not want to spend too much money on a digital baby monitor. Then there are the digital baby monitors that have only audio capabilities. Today you can also purchase baby monitors that have video capabilities and those that make two-way communication possible. In addition to these, each of these baby monitor options come with other features like low battery alerts, loops to hang the receiver on a belt and other such features.

The Two Way Baby Monitor

Among all the various kinds of baby monitors that you see in the market today, the two way baby monitor is the latest technological addition to the baby monitor market. It is a product that allows parents to talk back to the baby in the crib or the nursery without having to physically go to the baby’s room. This is obviously a feature that has been added on to the existing feature that allows parents to hear any noise in the baby’s room.

Benefits of a Two Way Baby Monitor

The latest development in the product features of a baby safety monitor have been done keeping in mind that a child does benefit from hearing the soothing and familiar voice of his parents when alone in the room. Some of the benefits of a two way bay monitor include the following:

  • Lull the baby back to sleep – Many times babies get up and sense that there is no one in the room. At this time if you can say a few soothing words to your child using your two way monitor, there is all possibility that your baby shall go back into slumber. A two way monitor also comes in handy if you want to immediately speak to your baby when he gets up as you make your way to the nursery to cuddle him.
  • Increase the bond with you baby – Babies who grow up hearing the voice of their mothers or fathers are more attached to them. However, in modern day life this is not always possible since you may have various chores in the house to attend to or work to do. You can hardly bond with your child if you have to shout from the other room to make yourself heard. A two way baby monitor can help you in bonding better with your child. You can sing lullabies or read stories as you carry out some of the other work that you may have.
  • Reduce the chances of a full blown tantrum – When children wake up without a caressing hand or a hug, they tend to throw a tantrum. Full blown tantrum take a long time to subdue and can get extremely unnerving for the parents. If you are able to speak to your baby as soon as he stirs, you will be able to avoid many a tantrums from exploding.
  • Manage separation anxiety – Some children experience a fair amount of separation anxiety. This occurs mainly after weaning. Two-way baby monitors can allow you to calm your child and make him feel that you are still around. As the child identifies himself as a separate entity from his mother, the two way monitor can play a key role.

The peace of mind that the two way baby monitor can give a parent is something that product development experts had in mind when they developed the product. And it sure is serving the purpose really well by helping many parents take better care for their babies.

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