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ImageIf you haven't been to Ice Art yet, you should quickly make your way there. Due to popular demand, they have extended the exhibition till 22 June 2014, so there's only a few days left!

Held inside a thermal-insulated hall kept at -15°C, the exhibition occupies some 50,280 sq feet of space and uses a total of 450 tons of crystal-clear and coloured ice blocks. It will be spilt into six exciting themes featuring the likes of London's Big Ben, Paris' Eiffel Tower and our very own Merlion, alongside towering sculptures as high as 4 meters.


Let Century Ice Wonderland (CIW) bring you a slice of The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (IISSF) from Harbin to sunny Singapore.

With the support of Harbin partner, Harbin International Ice Lantern Art Association, your children can also expect an exchange of cultures and take part in treasure hunts and educational games through organized programmes like The Learning Ledge; while you chill out at the Ice Bar with your cup of beverage served in environmentally friendly Ice-Mug. Everyone is encouraged to dispose of your ice mug by smashing it against the wall!

All in all, a visit to the Century Ice Wonderland will be a truly unique winter wonderland in tropical Singapore and a fun-filled activity for everyone in the family.

Where: Sheares Link, Singapore

Ticket information
Weekdays: Buy-one-get-one-free on all adult and children tickets! $32 for an adult ticket and $26 for a child ticket.
Weekends: An adult ticket @ only $20 and a child ticket @ only $15!
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Gloves and jackets are available

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