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Author Topic: If you're coming SG for business trip  (Read 5090 times)
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« on: 09 June 2015, 22:56:29 PM »
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Just some tips would like to share with you guys!  Wink Wink

1. Check the weather
Trying to prepare for different types of weather makes packing a bit of a challenge for some business travelers. The first and most important way to begin packing for a business trip is to look up the weather of the travel destination. With so many weather websites it is easy to log on and get a 7-10 day forecast. Looking ahead will allow you to know what to expect each day so you can pack the appropriate clothes and may avoid over-packing.

2. Dress Code
Dress codes do vary from place to place so never assume anything, especially when traveling internationally.

3. Ask Questions
Do not hesitate to ask questions. This will show that you are interested in making the right impression. One person's interpretation of casual may be very different from another. If you are unsure of the proper business attire of a particular destination an easy solution is to call the local Chamber of Commerce, or for international trips, contact the country's embassy in your destination city to find out exactly what to wear.

4. Plan Ahead
Look ahead at the travel itinerary so you know just what is on the schedule each day. For days where it is strictly business meetings where you will be doing a lot of sitting, be sure to pack comfortable yet professional clothes. Also book ahead for the airport pick-up or shuttle service. Blacklane( - for business travelers, avoid the long queue.

5. Avoid Over-packing
A trick to keeping the suitcase from getting too heavy is to pack a few different pairs of slacks and a variety of shirts that can be mixed and matched with the slacks. This will give off the appearance that you have many different outfits.

Packing too many pairs of shoes can really weigh down your suitcase. To be safe you should pack a pair of business shoes, a dressier pair incase you go out to a nice business dinner and a pair of tennis shoes. You will be wearing one of the three so only two will have to be packed in your suitcase.

6. Avoid Wrinkly Clothes
Keeping your clothes looking fresh and neat may be difficult for business travelers when you are living out of a suitcase.

- Call ahead to the hotel to see if an iron is provided in the room or if one is available at the front desk

- Pack a clothes steamer. There are small, portable steamers available just for travel.

- Wrinkle Away is a good product that can be applied to a garment the night before to help lessen wrinkles. Allow the garment to dry overnight and it should be good as new in the morning.

7. Getting Through Security
Airport security is another factor to take into consideration when packing.

- Keep all checked bags unlocked. If your bag is selected for random screening, airport personnel may have to break the locks to get inside.

- Keep your bag under the maximum weight capacity. If a bag is over the maximum weight capacity you will be forced to either pay a fine or be instructed to remove items from your luggage. Check with the airline you are flying with beforehand so you are aware of any weight restrictions.

- Carry film with you onto the plane. Some screening equipment can damage undeveloped film.

- Liquid or breakable items. It is never a good idea to pack anything that is breakable in your checked bags.

- Follow the TSA's (Transportation Security Administration) 3/1/1 rule. Liquid in 3 ounce containers or less are permitted in a 1 quart plastic bag and each person is allowed one. For more information visit

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« Reply #1 on: 25 April 2016, 0:23:02 AM »
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If you do stop at the grand canyon there are great trails in Central Arizona to run, even in Sedona When are you traveling through?


Hay una buena entrada acerca de por que se reprime la libido. En realidad hay muchos textos sobre sobrepeso alli.
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