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ExpatSingapore Message Board 12 December 2017, 2:50:21 AM *
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Topic Summary
Posted on: 21 March 2016, 22:23:06 PM
Posted by: ekobayu
Choose condominium for long term or apartment for short term,
Posted on: 30 November 2015, 18:10:42 PM
Posted by: oldmike
Be aware that unless you are married, or she has a job as well, it will not be possible for your girlfriend/fiance to stay with you long term.
Posted on: 30 November 2015, 17:59:41 PM
Posted by: cobey bryant
For you, any studio type apartment near Orchard Towers.

For the girlfriend, as far away from you as possible. YOu'll be grateful to me the minute you move in.
Posted on: 30 November 2015, 7:17:48 AM
Posted by: cobey61
Hi All

Moving to Singapore soon with my girlfriend (soon to be fiancé - shhhh, don't tell) and we are looking for a place to rent. Grateful for any help and suggestions!!!

- Budget (approx range) 4,000 - 4,500 per month
- Workplace/s CBD (Raffles Place)
- Size and/or type of property that you are seeking Small 2-bedroom or large 1-bedroom apartment; preferably in a reasonably modern building with gym, pool
- Will you have a car here? No
- Proximity to transport Strong priority for 20-minute (or less) commute to work - whether by MRT or bus
- Will you have any accompanying children needing to attend school? No

Nice to have:
- Will you need to be able to say walk to the local shops, a library, your doctor, a market, and so on? Preference for being reasonably close to the "action" (e.g. restaurants, bars, shops, hawker markets). It would also be nice to have a park nearby (can be a small park).
- Access to any specific sport, social, and recreation facilities? We like to go jogging and walking on weekends, but we don't mind travelling a little bit to get there.
- Are you considering bringing any pets. If so what kind, and will they require outdoor access and/or exercise? No
- Are you considering bringing any parents/in-laws etc? Do they have specific needs (for example difficulty climbing stairs?) No

Many thanks everyone!!!
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