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Topic Summary
Posted on: 08 October 2000, 15:36:00 PM
Posted by: Paul N
The Escape Theme Park's still quite small, but it's worth a go for a few hours some evening.  They have a water flume, an inverted ship thing, the venerable "Pirate Ship." bumper boats and a few others.  They are still building a go cart track and a few other additions.  It's not a Disneyland size, but its good fun for an evening.

Overall it's pretty short money as well.  I still have my doubts about the "unlimited" thing, unless you into riding things repeatedly.

The Downtown East resort is pretty well-heeled.  I've never stayed in their bungalows, but the rest of the place is pretty comprehensive, with a good range of stuff to do.  I go to their pool frequently, and the Kid Zone.  They have a disco, and have outdoor concerts every weekend.  There are all sorts of junque shops on the grounds, as well as a broad cross-section of food vendors.

If you have the urge to blow an entire Saturday you could see and do pretty much everything.

[This message has been edited by Paul N (edited 08-10-2000).]

Posted on: 08 October 2000, 12:36:00 PM
Posted by: east
has anyone been to the Escape Theme Park
and the downtown east resort ? is it worth a trip.


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