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Topic Summary
Posted on: 18 November 2004, 2:24:00 AM
Posted by: Box Packaging
A shelf stocker at Jelita Cold Storage told me the inner liner of the box, usually plastic, was not propery sealed and that is why there is a recall.  Cereal OK.
Posted on: 17 November 2004, 19:50:00 PM
Posted by: How About?

I must be away from home for too long.  Pray remind me what are the good stuff back home!  I think I have become accustomed to products outside of the UK.  

[This message has been edited by How About? (edited 17-11-2004).]

Posted on: 17 November 2004, 19:29:00 PM
Posted by: why???
kaki11 -
Just curious, why do you need to avoid US-owned labels?
Posted on: 17 November 2004, 17:51:00 PM
Posted by: kaki11
OP- there are several alternatives to Post cereals - usually Australian. I've had no problem avoiding USA-owned labels for the past two years.
Furthermore, if I have been to UK, my luggage back to Sing often contains cereals in order to make the best use of the weight allowance.
Posted on: 17 November 2004, 16:41:00 PM
Posted by: ahh
mites in the out carton packing
Posted on: 17 November 2004, 16:14:00 PM
Posted by: nonsense
"Does not pose a health risk" - it would be good if they told us what the suspected problem was then. Car manufacturers do, isn't it more important for something you eat? Looks suss to me.
Posted on: 17 November 2004, 15:16:00 PM
Posted by: How About?
I could not find my POST cereals on the shelves and thought that it was due to poor stock control again.  This is what I found out and thought regular POST eaters should know.  

There really is no alternative to POST cereals!!!  Arrgh!!!

Post Cereal

The following items are voluntarily recalled by the supplier, Auric Pacific Marketing for check on quality related issue. Auric Pacific Marketing assures you that the issue does not pose a health risk to consumers, and they are conducting a full investigation on the quality related matter.

This is a food safety precaution measure. Should you have further queries and require assistance, please call hotline: 6867 9189 (Ms Jovine Ho)

List of recalled items
- Post Grapenut Cereal
- Post Bran Flake
- Post Blue Morning
- Post Fruit & Bran Dates
- Post Fruit & Bran Peaches
- Post Great Grain Pecan
- Post Great Grain Raisin
- Post Frosted Shred Wheat
- Post Shred Wheat
- Post Cranberry Almond Crunch
- Post Maple Pecan
- Post Honey Bunches of Oats
- Post Raisin Bran
- Post Honey Bunches of Oats Almond
- Post Banana Nut Crunch
- Post Honey Bunches of Oats Strawberry

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