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Topic Summary
Posted on: 19 February 2001, 9:31:00 AM
Posted by: Rob
Just got my SCV broadband connection. SO far, excellent. The speed does vary a bit, but local sites remain very fast, so I assume that the bottleneck is the connection from Singapore to the rest of the world rather than the SCV connection to my house
Posted on: 19 February 2001, 9:20:00 AM
Posted by: Maren
hey, don't scare me! I have just converted from 'regular' PacNet to Broadband but I have not bought the modem yet. (Will do it this week) I hope they are not THAT bad with their braodband access?Huh
Posted on: 19 February 2001, 8:41:00 AM
Posted by: Computerilliterate
Thanks for all the great suggestions. I also tried doing this at work since I use a number of websites there. Unbelievable how many pages stack up in there!
Posted on: 18 February 2001, 13:02:00 PM
Posted by: thanks


Posted on: 18 February 2001, 12:54:00 PM
Posted by: Stefan
> Why are these files retained?
So that you do not need to download them again next time you visit the page, but if you visit pages like the expatboard that is not so smart, so depending on how you have setup your internet options the files will be used in different ways.
Look in control panel internet options/ general/temporary internet files/
(this is for win2000 not sure if it is the same on win95/win98/winMe/Nt but it should be simmilar). There you should have a delete files button that will remove all your saved files.
On settings you should be abel to set how much disk space to allocate for saved files and set a option specifying if a page should be downloaded or taken from the saved files on your disk. It is called "Check for newer version of stored pages", depending on how you surf and what kind of internet connection you have choose a appropriate setting.

Hope it helps!

Posted on: 18 February 2001, 11:26:00 AM
Posted by: another illiterate
I've checked under the C:\windows\temporary internet subdirectory and have found a large number of files. These look like various sites visited on the net. Curious:

Why are these files retained? Any significant purpose but to clutter the hard drive?

When trying to delete these files, it will not let me do a mass deletion.  Is this normal? It will allow me to do a few at a
time.  Seems strange. Any insight/guidance?

Help appreciated.

Posted on: 14 February 2001, 13:31:00 PM
Posted by: SCVcable
We've just had SCV cablemodem installed
and I can report that with a recent defrag
run the thing moves like lightening! Highly recommended.
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 12:55:00 PM
Posted by: Daniel A
Computerilliterate, just keep in mind that if you are living in an HDB or large complex, the SCV cable connection will be slower because you are sharing the connection with everyone else in the complex. I believe Singtel Magix would be faster in this case.
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 11:55:00 AM
Posted by: how?
How does broadband work and how can it be aquired?  I would love to have only one line, but I've been reluctant because I didn't want to tie up the only line with the computer. However maintaining a second one is draining.
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 11:13:00 AM
Posted by: Computerilliterate
Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. Sounds like I'll be switching to SCV soon!
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 11:12:00 AM
Posted by: Kathleen
Can you download these cleaning programmes from the internet?
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 11:10:00 AM
Posted by: broadband
PI was crap but their broadband service is good. Easy to install and works well. Some slight phone interference but nothing to worry about. And it saves the cost of a second phone line...
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 9:47:00 AM
Posted by: Arry
Computerilitate, you can do several:
1. Defrag your computer (as suggested by Ixion) which is actually grouping the data clusters together, that belong to the same programs.
2. Take off the programs that are fired during start-up (look at the icons that are on your lower righthandside screen, if you have many, consider to deactivate some).
3. Programs like CleanSweep, etc, will go through the files in your computer and delete redundant files, clean up the Windows Registry file, etc.

Other than that, if you are using PacNet, I agree with PaulN - It's horrendous. I have switched to StarHub's free internet. It's much better! I use PacNet as an email address only now.

Hope that helps ...

Posted on: 14 February 2001, 9:32:00 AM
Posted by: Rob
I have never had any particular trouble with PacNet. Any connection difficulties have invariably turned out to be phone extension wiring problems. Interestingly though, I now finally have a 56K modem and was a little disapointed to find that it still connects at 33.6K or less. Still, the SCV man is coming on Friday, so I will let you all know how I get on...
Posted on: 14 February 2001, 9:13:00 AM
Posted by: Ixion
Run a Scandisk on your Hardrive and
then a Defragmentation.

That might help ....

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