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ExpatSingapore Message Board 15 October 2018, 21:16:24 PM *
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Author Topic: ONCE AGAIN, SINGAPORE IS NUMBER ONE!!  (Read 8071 times)
Numero Uno
« on: 02 November 2015, 19:21:52 PM »
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Singapore among top 20 nations in global prosperity index, its economy is No. 1
 The skyline of Marina Bay.
The skyline of Marina Bay.PHOTO: REUTERS
22 14
SINGAPORE - Singapore's economy ranked first in the world in a global prosperity sub-index and Asean region, while the Republic ranked 17th among 142 countries in the index released by the Legatum Institute on Monday (Nov 2).

Norway topped the overall index, ranking among the top 10 for all categories but not coming out tops in any one of the eight categories which include education, entrepreneurship & opportunity, governance, health, personal freedom, safety & security, and social capital.

Singapore disloged Switzerland to take the top spot in the economy sub-index this year, climbing one spot from last year, London-based Legatum found.

The index also found that Singapore has the second highest capital in the world at US$240,750 per worker while 47 per cent of its manufactured exports are classifed as "high tech", the third highest in the world.

Singapore performed worst in the personal freedom category, ranking 38th in the world, while it stood 12th in entrepreneurship & opportunity as well as safety & security.

Among Asean nations, Malaysia came in next highest, ranking 44th overall followed by Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

South-east Asia's biggest economy, Indonesia, climbed up 21 places in the last seven years - the most by any country in the world, to rank 69th overall.

Canada was the freest country in the world, ranked among the top five, including Norway, New Zealand, Iceland and Ireland to be most tolerant towards immigrants.

United Kingdom was the world leader in enterprise.

Legatum first published the index in 2007. "The purpose of the index is to spark debate and to encourage policy-makers, scholars, the media, and the interested public to take an holistic view of prosperity and to better understand how it is created," the Institute said on its website.

Numero Uno
« Reply #1 on: 02 November 2015, 20:31:19 PM »
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Can your country claim the following which Singapore justifiably can? It constantly wins awards for:

World's leading airport
World's best public housing
Relatively pollution free (e and oe on haze)
Corruption free civil service
Corruption free police force
More reserves than UK, Australia or NZ
Constantly one of the world's top 3 busiest seaports
One of the world's most mathematically proficient children
A multiracial, multilingual people who live in harmony
One of the world's best newspapers
Relatively drug free
You can walk the streets at night in relative safety
Great weather
Efficient service - everything works, streets are cleaned, mail delivered etc.
One of the world's best workers (documented by Perc and Beri)
A Senior Minister which the UK seriously wanted as their leader and whom Margaret Thatcher admires
A country that's able to defend itself
Has one of the world's tallest hotels.
Financially stable banking system.
The world's longest manmade waterfall.
The world's longest pohpiah
Largest Collage Made Of Chinese New Year Cards
Most Number Of Photos Posted On Instagram In 2 Hours
At 42 x21x17.65mm, Singapore's Z-Nano is the world’s smallest optical mouse....
and the list of greatness goes on

James Timothy Watts III
« Reply #2 on: 03 November 2015, 13:40:24 PM »
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All you expats better stop bad mouthing 
humbling experience
« Reply #3 on: 05 November 2015, 22:42:24 PM »
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Kinda makes the US, UK, Australia, France et al look like a bunch of 3rd world countries doesn't it?

Where's Anton Casey when you need him now? Kiss The again, the survey's kinda biased - it says that "Singapore performed worst in the personal freedom category, ranking 38th in the world, while it stood 12th in entrepreneurship & opportunity as well as safety & security.".

Can't understand why myself.
Lampar One
« Reply #4 on: 03 December 2015, 19:07:12 PM »
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""We must keep our heritage and respect the culture and language of our different races and be proud of Singapore. Never be impressed by the white man who thinks he is superior to you. We are no less and probably more capable than he is. If Papa and his Old Guard colleagues did not believe that, they would not have fought for independence and built up this country".

Lee Wei Ling
Daughter of Lee Kuan Yew
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