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ExpatSingapore Message Board 20 September 2018, 0:55:40 AM *
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Author Topic: Renewal of SPR re-entry permit after expiry date  (Read 754 times)
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« on: 26 July 2017, 13:24:24 PM »
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Hello everyone.
I'm a Singapore PR. I got the PR status through my parents. They got the PR status via investment.
However, my parents do not work here for most of the time so renewal of their REPs is not approved by the ICA last year.
I'm currently studying in Singapore at a local government university. The ICA official told me to renew my REP when I turn 21 years old so that I no need to renew it with my parents ( since it is quite difficult for my parents to renew their REP now as they do not stay in sg for most of the time).

My 21th birthday is coming soon. So may I know anyone has seen similar case as mine before and will the ICA be likely to approve my REP? I have been studying in sg for 4 years and I did contribute to CPF as I work as a part timer during school holidays.
Do I need to prepare anything before I go down to the ICA?

I really thank your advices in advance.

Wah liew
« Reply #1 on: 26 July 2017, 14:02:50 PM »
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Why don't you ring up immigration and check lor and check law?
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