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Author Topic: Attention!!! Transfer Maid To Be Avoid!!!  (Read 1282 times)
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« on: 11 October 2017, 0:33:07 AM »

Dear All,
please share my message. I don't wish others to end up like me.
Do not hire this Transfer Myanmar Maid from SLF Green Maid Agency
Name : Lam Hoi Kim @ Cing San Lian (Only Cing San Lian Appear online)
Ref : TM MR 197
My family has me, my husband, my 10 year old daughter and my father-in-law(still can walk and don't need her to look after)
She is an lazy with poor attitude maid. Untidy & smelly. Likes to tell lies. Like to open concert as and when.(well, there is more)
Please remember whatever story she told about herself is for you to pity her and will treat her nice. (Don't believe or care)
But as a work from home mum i normally stays at home just need to went out for meeting maybe once a week.
When i were home i will teach her bit by bit of the house chores but she still likes to do was her way.
She did not even do a good job in cleaning.
whenever i ask her if she had finished cleaning she will reply yes, but after i checked is a no. (means that she is lying)
I could say that she could do those house chores well as she did it well on 1st & 2nd day but the problem is she is acting in the first 2 days. After the 2 days pass she tried to do the wrong things like wash dishes never wash properly (Still very oily). When i ask her why so oily she will reply me "Don't know" (Well, that is really strange. You wash and you don't know why the dishes is still oily). Not choice i washed myself. I was asking myself again & again (Why i pay her still need me to do house chores for her, as i become her maid that still need to pay her!!!)
After this she tried to do all the things wrong so i will do myself.
I can't take it anymore of her nonsence so i ask my husband to ask her to change if not we will send her back. She replied to my husband that "Sir, you wish" (meaning anything).
She did not look after my daughter and still need my daughter to look after her.
Above is only part of the story. If you really want to hiring her, i could only wish you good luck.
Below was the link to her portfolio
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