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ExpatSingapore Message Board 23 September 2018, 3:11:57 AM *
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Author Topic: Indonesian Lesson Necessary?  (Read 1212 times)
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« on: 31 July 2017, 23:01:20 PM »

Should I take some Indonesian lesson? I’ve got a new helper at home and she’s from Indonesia. She barely speaks English and I’ve been thinking if I should learn Indonesian language to make things easier for us all? You see, it’s nearly impossible for her to learn English, but I have more time and opportunity to learn her language.

My mother was born in Indonesia (I’m half Indonesian and Australian) and as far as I know my mom can still speak her tongue language quite fluently and I can understand a little of her Indonesian, that’s why I think it’d be great if I learn the language so that our family can communicate better with our helper with no or very little misunderstanding. I’m in early 30s so I consider myself still ‘fresh’ for learning a new language.

So please if anyone can suggest me an Indonesian language course in this country, group or private classes. Thanks in advance!

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