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Author Topic: Football Trial For Young Aspiring Footballers 7 year old to 14 year old  (Read 2104 times)
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« on: 07 December 2017, 16:58:13 PM »
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Turf City Football Club is Singapore’s first professional football club. The club was founded in 2012 together with Turf City Football Academy. The club is directly under the banner of the well known and established football school in Singapore, Little League Soccer Singapore. Little League Soccer was established in 1999 and is one of the pioneers in football schools in this region.


To give opportunities to aspiring young players who are looking for real pathway to professional football in Europe. All young players are welcome for trial with TCFC.

With the strong link that Turf City FC has with many clubs and agents in Europe, Turf City FC is the first and only club in Singapore that can offer realistic opportunity to players who wants to play for professional club in Europe.
The training  modules and structure is based on what is done in Europe including the number of sessions, the duration of sessions, the type of sessions and the method of training.
2 players have already moved abroad with the help of the club and a couple more will be having try out before summer 2018.


In the past years, Turf City FC has won numerous awards and trophies in competition and the club is also well known for its quality in various tournaments. Last July, Turf City FC participated in a first-class tournament in Portugal. It is a tournament where Europe’s finest clubs participate and TCFC Under 11 became the champion of the plate division where they beat SL Benfica in the final, Under 14 went to the finals of plate and the youngest group, Under 9, finished quarter finalist. The Under 14 also participated in Borneo International Football Cup in Sabah and became champion.

Two TCFC players have moved to Europe and signed with professional clubs. One have gone on and signed for SV Die Haghe in Holland and another one for F.C Bologna 1909 in Italy. Another one will be having a trial with a Dutch giant next month.


Srdan Lalic is the director of the project. He was a former professional player who most notably played for Palermo in Italy and has been in football since day 1. He was also the Head of Academy for FK Rad, OFK Belgrade and Cukaricki. He also was the manager for Sinjan Luhu in China where he helped the club to promote to 1st Division. After managing a professional club, he has gone back home in Serbia where he started his football agency. Now he is back to coaching in Singapore and with his strong links he have with clubs and agents in Europe, he is looking to give back to the sport he called his life.


Turf City FC offers an all round football training for players born in 2003 to 2010 in an environment which is the same to professional club in Europe. The training is based around these 4 pillars, discipline, technical & tactical, physical and psychology.
Your child will not only learn about football the professional way but also learn self discipline. Players will also improve on stress management in football where they will find huge benefit how it can be applied in their life outside of football too. The tactical and technical training is in a completely different level in Singapore.

Trial is open for all players born between 2003 and 2010. Please contact +65 87488403 for more info or visit You can also follow us on Instagram for updates at turfcityfc and our Facebook page Turf City Football Club.

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« Reply #1 on: 12 July 2018, 19:54:46 PM »
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It depends a lot on where you live, as it can vary a lot from country to country.

In most countries, children may start playing in organized clubs around 9yo or 10yo. At this point they’ll start to be training mainly on the fundamental techniques (passing, dribbling, crossing, positioning, tackling, etc) and up to around the age 15, they’re assesed in order to identify wheter they’ll become a competitive professional player or not.

Some kids do these first few years in top football teams, however, there’s no guarantee that the kids which start in those teams will succeed better than those who played in smaller clubs. the most important thing in this phase is to learn and become proeficient in fundamentals.

For most young players, the most important years in order to get on the track to become a professional, happen around age 15 until 18. At this time, young players shall apply to assesment sessions, usually for the junior teams of clubs which also have an important role in the professional leagues. The natural path is that players with good fundamentals will now learn about game strategy and tactics, play in structured junior leagues and wait to get an opportunity at the professional team at some time. Some players also may be found by scouts, so if you’re already playing for a local team, be aware if eventually they are coming to watch your team’s matches, and be always ready to show yourself. It is likely that you’ll feel under pressure to play, knowing you’re being observed, but you’ll get used to it along the time.
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