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ExpatSingapore Message Board 22 October 2018, 20:18:06 PM *
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Author Topic: Definition of "minor repair" in a tenancy agreement  (Read 1263 times)
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« on: 22 January 2018, 15:21:42 PM »
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How is a "minor repair" defined in a standard tenancy agreement?

My toilet stopped working altogether, after renting the flat for only 4 months.  After 3 visits by 2 plumbers (each visit lasted >1 hour) over several weeks, the toilet finally worked again.  I paid $500 and asked the landlord for reimbursement, saying it's a major plumbing repair so he should pay for all of it.

The landlord insists it's a "minor repair" so he only paid me $300 (minor repair clause in the tenancy agreement says that I pay the first $200).

I think it's a "major repair".  I've been trying to clarify it politely with both the landlord and his agent, who have been very unhelpful, even obstructive.

So can anyone please tell me: how is a "minor repair" defined?  I have looked high and low for an answer, and don't really want to pay for a lawyer to answer a simple question.

(I'm more concerned about the principle of it all, and not being bullied by my landlord so early in my tenancy.  The $200 is not a matter of life and death.)

I'd appreciate any advice.  Thanks.

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