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Author Topic: LANDLORD TROUBLE  (Read 2553 times)
« on: 11 May 2001, 13:27:00 PM »

wondering if anyone knows how to counter act a landlord's possible act of picking at everything during inspection on an apartment upon its been vacated and to return all keys and inventory. I am moving out and from the way things has been going w/ this, my landlord starts to indicate that she's going to pick at everything and hold me responsible for unreasonable reasons, such as floor scratches (granite floors) and since I am not a confrontational person, wondering if I can be prepared first as to what is reasonable and what is not. She most likely will attack at all side and be very unreasonable, perhaps even try her best to keep the 2 months deposit. Can anyone offer some advice?



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« Reply #1 on: 11 May 2001, 15:23:00 PM »

Your Tenancy Agreement will have Clauses covering this. Basically, the tenant is to take reasonable care of the property and at the end of the term return it in satisfactory and working condition. The key phrase here is always "Fair wear and tear excepted". This means the landlord would expect some wear and tear. This means the following should be covered:

a) scratch and stain marks on floors, walls and furniture;

b) curtains and furniture;

c) kitchen appliances and other white goods; etc.

However the tenant will be expected to make good:

a) holes in walls becos of hangings & displays;

b) lost keys, broken furniture including mirrors (from over staring);

c) blown or fused bulbs, appliances, etc.

At the handover, remember to clearly state the item/s that needed replacement and or repairs. The landlord might not be able to state the cost of replacement at that point. So it will be reasonable for him to get quotations - ask to see them as you may in fact able to replace them cheaper. Also ask for receipts for work done since the cost for this is taken off your rental deposit.

Finally, state clearly that apart from the items noted, the property is otherwise handed over in satifactory condition, and that the rental deposit should be refunded within a specified period of 2 weeks if there is no repair, or up to 4 weeks from the date of handover if repairs are necessary.

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