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UberX cuts Singapore prices up to 20%
ImageYou may have heard that Uber has brought its Taxi calling app to Singapore, the first country in Asia to get it. According to users who have tried it out here, it runs Mercedes Benz S-Class sedans, setting it above the usual smaller Toyota cabs that the dominant service, ComfortDelGro runs.

During he past few months, many reviews have appeared on the internet complaining about the how Uber charges for the added luxury. However, Uber doesn't only offer the luxurious UberBlack service, but is now offering the more affordable UberX option as well. It is for the this more affordable offering, that Uber is now slashing prices even further in a promotional offering for Singapore. According to Uber, this means that some trips could be potentially cheaper than the regular taxi prices, especially during off peak hours.
Expat/Tourist Discount Vouchers at City Square Mall
ImageGiven its close proximity to Little India and opposite ParkRoyal (hotel) on Kitchener Road, City Square Mall sees tourists and expats frequently and aims to enhance the experience for this group of shoppers through the Tourist Privilege Programme. The Tourist Privilege Programme offers a variety of shopping and dining discounts within the mall.
Expats had their say in a big way!
ImageIn a world of rapid change amidst globalisation, volatile economies and the tech revolution, with the diversification and consolidation of businesses resulting in employment instability and mounting stress, as well as conflict over natural resources and power struggles displacing native populations; many have moved abroad in the belief that the grass is greener on the other side, but is it?

The Expat Surbey tries to establish the answer to this question and more, to understand migratory patterns and causes; and gain a true understanding of expatriate life across all nationalities and territories. It's taken four months for its team to analyse more than 60,000 pages of consolidated results and insights into the lives of almost 8,000 expats around the globe. Highlights from 2013 study in the world's largest independent research programme have recently been revealed.
Ice Art
ImageIf you haven't been to Ice Art yet, you should quickly make your way there. Due to popular demand, they have extended the exhibition till 22 June 2014, so there's only a few days left!

Held inside a thermal-insulated hall kept at -15°C, the exhibition occupies some 50,280 sq feet of space and uses a total of 450 tons of crystal-clear and coloured ice blocks. It will be spilt into six exciting themes featuring the likes of London's Big Ben, Paris' Eiffel Tower and our very own Merlion, alongside towering sculptures as high as 4 meters.
Simple guide for Bangkok
ImageDuring his free time, ExpatSingapore member jslucas has put an excellent "Simple guide for Bangkok" together. After that, he put together a similar guide for Phrom Phong. If you happen to go to Bangkok one of these days, consider these guides with excellent recommendations mandatory reading material! Feedback on the guides are always welcome in the Message board
Hungry Ang Mo spills the beans on life in Singapore
ImageLuke Otter, better known as Singapore’s number one vegan/vegetarian food blogger Hungry Ang Mo, is a British expat who has lived in Singapore for four years. Having grown up in the much less exotic environs of Manchester, England, where local delicacies comprise chip barms, Eccles cakes and Boddington’s Bitter, it’s understandable that his passion for gastronomy was only really kindled after he made the move to Southeast Asia.
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