Information about Singapore: General Information about Singapore
General information about Singapore
The Singapore skyline at night

In this section, you'll find general information about Singapore - our short but colourful history, our society, our national symbols, and of course our people. We give practical information such as the climate you can expect, the "strange" languages we speak and the people you will meet.

What's in this section:

Brief History
Singapore was only founded in 1819, and came into existence as an independent state only in 1965. Yet, written in our short history are colourful and dramatic events that have shaped the country.

The National Anthem & the National Flag
Find out what Singapore's national anthem, which is sung in Malay, means, and you can also hear it on this page. Also, the significance and meaning of our national flag.

Coat Of Arms & the Lion Symbol
Explanation of the state crest and why the lion is so symbolic in Singapore.

The National Pledge and our Shared Values
Attempts to discover a national ideology for nation-building has resulted in the 5 shared values, all with roots in Singapore's cultural heritage.

Geography & Climate
Information on Singapore's geography, climate patterns, and flora and fauna.

Society & Culture
Some culture shock is inevitable, so knowing what makes our society tick can't hurt. There's also information on some cultural and social taboos.

Local Festive Holidays
Singapore's Chinese, Muslim and Hindu community look forward to some very important dates in their calendar each year and here's a look at the cultural / religious practices.

Four official languages - English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil - and one unofficial language, Singlish, Singapore's very own version of spoken English.

Read about the people who make up Singapore, the people you're going to be working and living with in the coming months.

The Government
Read about how the government is run here, as well as information on the cabinet and parliament.

The Law
Many foreigners are concerned about the law here, with its notoriety for being strict. It pays to understand the special features of the law, and what are definite no-no's over here.

The Economy & Currency
Currently a little under the weather, but expected to be up on its feet by the end of 1999. A general overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the economy.

Stock Exchange of Singapore
If you're thinking of dabbling in the stock market, read up first on some basics of the Stock Exchange.

Singapore from the air
Hidden Journeys explores incredible places we see from the air as we fly over them. You can see Singapore featured on some of the flight paths