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ImageMathilde Buisset has been in Singapore for 7 years and with 3 little kids she is always looking for new child friendly activities. Because she eventually got stuck in non-chilfriendly places, wondering where the playgrounds are, she thought it was time for a guide. In her time in Singapore and together withother parents, Mathilde has made a very nice collection of great child frienly spots, which have recently been conveniently bundled in an iOS and Android app: "Singapore with kids".

The "Singapore with kids" apps contains information about free playgrounds in Singapore (including water playgrounds), indoor playgrounds in Singapore, events for children, child friendly restaurants, activities to do with children, museums and more. The location map will help you locate these activities.

Everyone using my free app is loving it!!! Happy to meet at a playground with my 3 little kids or call me on 81867942

The app has a very clear interface starting with a home screen basically asking what you are looking for, whether it is child-friendly restaurants (with playgrounds), (water) playgrounds or a place for a brunch. The home screen also leaves a convenient comments section to leave your own tips and even has a section with jokes, suitable for kids. Usage of the app is extremely intuitive and the categorization of the various places works really easy.

Mathilde mentioned that she is still working on a new feature, that included a Party planner, event calendar and more. ExpatSingapore would also like to suggest a section for play dates, which is a quite common question on the message board.

Mathilde's app "Singapore with kids" is open for contributions. If you know of playground, or child friendly restaurant that are not yet listed, you can contact Mathilde through 81867942.

Mathilde's Singapore with kids blog:

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