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Queen termite
We understand pests can be a worrying issue. We are here to extend our care and expertise to alleviate these hassles and optimise your comfort and safety. Early detection and regular maintenance can help protect your home and family from harm caused by pests. Unlike any other common pests, subterranean termites are a lot more challenging to identify and manage.

Very often, people mistook termites for ants and are less guarded. Damages can be both architectural and financially damaging. For instance, weakening of structural strength and financial implications resulted from damaged flooring, wall, and furniture or even collapsed roof. The danger of subterranean is they rarely come to the surface to feed. Most of the time, people only discover the infestation when it is too late.

Did You Know?

  • Termites are able to tear off extremely small fragments of wood using their hard, saw-toothed jaws.
  • Termites have protozoa in their intestines that provide enzymes to digest cellulose.
  • The queen of a certain termite species can lay around 40,000 eggs per day.
  • Termites can enter cracks as small as 0.4mm.

Spot Termites Warning Signs and Infestations In Your Landed Homes

Mud tubes
This is a mixture of soil, faeces and saliva. Subterranean termites build mud tubes along the foundation or walls of the structure. They make mud tubes as protected runways from the earth to the wood they feed on.

Damaged wood
Wood attacked by termites has channels or passages coated with an earth-like material. Where the wood has been infested for some time, it may be largely hollowed out with passages and may look rotten. Termites damaged wood will sound hollow when tapped with a screwdriver.

Swarmers or Pile of wings
Wings shed from termites which are black or brown in colour. Swarmers emerge when the humidity is high, usually in the evening after the rain. The swarmers are generally attracted to lighted areas.

Mud tubesDamaged woodSwarmers pile of wings

Dangers and Damages caused by termites to a home

Collapsed Roof
Damaged Cabinet
Damaged wooden planks at the outdoor area of the house

Termites infestation within a home

  • Door/window frame
  • Parquet floor
  • Baseboard/skirting area
  • Built-in wall cabinet
  • Roof/ceiling
  • Bathroom area

Introducing Rentokil Colony Elimination Baiting Program

An innovative solution that is safe and non-toxic to seek, bait and manage termite infestation problem. The program involves utilising an advanced Microwave technology to detect the presence of subterranean termites accurately, before strategically placing baiting and monitoring station that covers above-ground and in-ground area.

Designed with highly attractive compressed cellulose formulation, it is a fast acting treatment which is environmentally-friendly and safe. As the baiting system is a fuss – free installation, there will be no drilling or pumping of chemicals required in your home.

How the baiting system works

  • Baiting systems consist of plastic sleeves with pieces of wood, paper and cardboard or any cellulose based materials to serve as “monitors” that are placed in the ground around the home.
  • These “monitors” are then replaced with bait once termite feeding has been detected.
  • Above-ground systems are also used proactively to address sites with active termite activity.

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