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People of Singapore

Population profile

ImageSingapore has a resident population of about 3.5 million, with a median age of 32 years. Between 1994 and 1996, population growth was 1.9 per cent. In terms of population by age, 22.8 per cent are 14 and below, 67.2 per cent are between 15 to 59, and 10 per cent are 60 and above. With population density of 4,702 persons per sq km, it's a pretty crowded place to live in.

Ethnic groups

The people of Singapore are a mixed bunch. Most (77.3 per cent) are Chinese. The Malays make up 14.1 per cent, the Indians 7.3 per cent and others 1.3 per cent. Despite these neat categories, guessing someone’s ethnic origins can be a challenge. An early immigrant history and a fair amount of intermarriages have helped to create a mixed people attuned to a hodge-podge of different cultures. Don’t be surprised if you meet people of Dutch or Portuguese descent, or Chinese with Muslim names, or fair-skinned Indians who speak fluent Mandarin--these are part of the quirky elements that make Singapore a multiracial, cosmopolitan city.


ImageThe population breakdown by religion is:

Buddhism 31.9%
Taoism 21.9%
Islam 14.9%
Christianity 12.9%
Hinduism 3.3%
Other religions 0.6%
No religion 14.5%

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