Once you're here: Renting a Car
Renting a Car

Firstly, assess your needs in advance. What kind of car do you need and for how long? If you are thinking of spending a few days travelling in Singapore and then touring around the Malay Peninsular for another few days, it may be advisable to go for a more rugged car. However, if it is meant for travel within Singapore, an average Honda or Toyota will do.

Consider the period for which the car is needed. The weekly rate for most car rental companies apply for rentals of 5-7 days. It is usually lower than booking 7 days individually. If you think you need the car for at least 5 days, it is usually wise to book the weekly rate! In addition, it is important to note that the weekend rates are usually more expensive.

Secondly, scout around for the right companies that offer competitive rates for reliable vehicles. Call the companies up or ask your friends for recommendations. The worst nightmare is to have a car breaking down at your gate during the weekend just when you want to travel around Singapore.

Check out the rental rates of the various companies. Rental car rates can vary significantly across agencies at the same location. In addition, if you do not hold a local driving license, check that the companies accept international driving licenses.

Thirdly, inspect the vehicle well. You do not wish to pay for damages inflicted on the car by the previous user. Take note of the little perks that come along with the car rental. For instance, the car may be insured under the terms of the rental. This will spare you lots of trouble when mishaps happen.

Lastly, drive well and return the car safe and sound. A drop-off fee or charge is usually applied if you return the vehicle to a different place from where you picked it up. This fee is waived if the company allows "one-way drop-offs" at particular locations.

Car Rental Tips

  • Car rental rates change quickly. So before you rent a car, check out the latest rates!
  • When calculating your car rental bills, take note of the "24 hour clock rate" some companies use when charging you. It means when you rent a car on Monday and return it on Tuesday, you may be charged for two days if you do not return within 24 hours.
  • Reserve in advance. This gives you plenty of time to get the best bargain.
  • Minimum age policies will differ from company to company. Besides needing a valid drivers license, some agencies may require renters to be older than 18 years old.
  • Child seats may be available for your kid. Just ask.
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