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Query: We have a large (100ib or 40kgs) Weimaraner dog and do not wish to leave him home. Does anyone have experience bringing an animal of this kind into Singapore and finding suitable housing?

Tip #1: We brought our 2 Old English Sheepdogs (32kg &35kg) over a year ago and have not had any real problems. I would recommend a maid as without one you will get very tired. We lasted 5 months without one.
Going away was complicated and costly with kennels to arrange, and leaving them in the house for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time was not on,
its often difficult or impossiable to take them with you as we did back in Scotland. A maid made life with the dogs much less fraught (Make sure you interview maids with the dogs there to make sure they get on, ours is
wonderful with them).

We are in a landed house and keep the dogs well clipped, and we have air/con overnight and most afternoons. Do visit a vet asap when you arrive
and get the tick and heart lung treatments. Our dogs got ticks and most unpleasant it was, now they have monthly treatments to prevent infestation.
- submitted by Scottish Expat

Tip #2: Some friends of ours who were expats here had their Irish Wolfhound with them. (It was featured on TV here as they took it to dog shows and I think it was the only one of its kind in Singapore). They lived in a top-floor maisonette which had at least 3 flights of stairs to walk up. However I think the dog had a bit of a miserable time here because of the climate. He spent most of his time trying to keep cool by lying on the marble floor and they had to have the air-con on for him. The maid who was "taking the dog out for a walk" was frequently spotted in the vicinity chatting with her pals who were also supposedly dog-walking. These poor dogs got no excercise whatsoever. If you bring a large dog with you, I'd advise you to do all of the dog excercising by accompanying your dog and not getting a maid to do it!
- submitted by "the biggest dog of all"

Tip #3: Try not to bring purebreeds which are used to temperate conditions. The folks here with long-hair breeds like rough collies and setters really should have a/c for their dogs or not bring them here at all. These dogs get very lethargic from the heat and become unhealthy. And the Singapore apts are not big at all, something over 1500 sq.ft. is considered large so the larger dogs do suffer. As mentioned by someone, they tend to lie on the cool marble floor but the breeds with larger ears can also get ear infection easily from their ears spread on the floor all the time.
- submitted by Pomp

Tip #4: Well I don't know a lot but we brought our Labrador with us and found it to be ok. We were lucky enough to get a ground floor apartment with a small garden area so our dog could go in and out as she pleased. The climate is tough and our dog got a few bad heat-related rashes. There is no getting around that so be prepared. there are some great places to take the dog for walks and runs so don't worry about that. One thing to be prepared for is a LOT of people here will be intimidated by a big dog. We have found people terrified of our Lab, which seems strange to me, but it is the way it is here.
- submitted by hatman

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