About Us

Image Expat Singapore started in September 1997 with the aim of providing a one-stop online information resource for the large expatriate community, for both the ones already living in Singapore, as well as those about to make the move or considering it. We felt that for the thousands of expatriates settling in Singapore each year, the lack of adequate information and hence preparation can result in an unpleasant move, culture shock and even psychological and physical discomfort. The key to understanding and adapting to a new environment is information, and that's where we come in.

The internet is of course the ideal medium for our purposes. Through Expat Singapore, expatriates from all over the world who are about to move to Singapore can easily access information, make contacts and post queries. There is no longer the need to sift through tonnes of guide books and pamphlets that are probably outdated anyway. If there is a specific question that cannot be found anywhere, email us and we will try to provide an answer or at least point you the the right direction.

Ideally, we want to provide more than just information. We want to create a virtual community for expatriates in Singapore, a focal point where they can exchange tips, share grouses, make friends and hopefully organise activities where human, not electronic, interaction can take place.

In case you're wondering, our website is run by a small team consisting of both expats and non-expats. We devote many hours to updating and improving the site, so help us out by visiting our sponsors you see on the site. Or if you see something you like or dislike about the site, drop us an email. We need your feedback in order to change the things we're doing not so well, as well as to continue doing what we're doing right. Above all, keep on surfing on our site and we hope you enjoy Singapore as much as we do.