UberX cuts Singapore prices up to 20%
ImageYou may have heard that Uber has brought its Taxi calling app to Singapore, the first country in Asia to get it. According to users who have tried it out here, it runs Mercedes Benz S-Class sedans, setting it above the usual smaller Toyota cabs that the dominant service, ComfortDelGro runs.

During he past few months, many reviews have appeared on the internet complaining about the how Uber charges for the added luxury. However, Uber doesn't only offer the luxurious UberBlack service, but is now offering the more affordable UberX option as well. It is for the this more affordable offering, that Uber is now slashing prices even further in a promotional offering for Singapore. According to Uber, this means that some trips could be potentially cheaper than the regular taxi prices, especially during off peak hours.

This is the most aggressive promotional offering Uber has offered since launching in Singapore. This being the final world cup weekend, so we expect many folks would be watching out in the pubs or at friends' homes - those rides will come in handy at a much lower cost (enough to buy an extra pint).

In this blog post by Uber, you'll find some thoughts on why they're doing this price cut: