Study Social Media to Become Singapore Savvy
Image Guest Post by Ben Holbook

Once you've decided to relocate abroad to live the expat life, there's something incredibly exciting about discovering all the nitty gritty details on what will soon be your new surroundings. Your next task is to learn as much as you can about your new home.

While the guide books are always very handy, it's sometimes hard to gather the finer and occasionally more boring details that are always good to know. Where can you find a good electrician? Are the independent shops good value for money? What are the best clubs to join in your area? There's also the question of how up -to-date the information you're reading is.

A better option is to look beyond the guide books to social media for the latest insights on Singapore. Yup, Twitter and Instagram are about so much more than just keeping in touch with friends and family back home. They're also about providing up-to-date, reliable information that's available at your fingertips. Read on for our favourite tips on using social media to find out more about the city.

1. Twitter

It takes a while to get your head around using Twitter, but once you do, the world is your oyster in 140 automatically updated characters. Twitter's main appeal is its usefulness for making fast connections with people and organisations around the world. Hashtags such as #singapore can help you discover relevant accounts to follow, and certain handles are a treasure trove of information on where to eat and drink in Singapore. HotelClub recently called on Singapore experts via Twitter to name their hidden foodie hotspots. The result was a wealth of recommendations conveying how diverse the cuisine in the Lion City really is.

Twitter accounts to follow:

  • @SecretSinga – local recommendations, from foodie hubs to secret sanctuaries
  • @Mummytweets – tips on raising a family in Singapore from a British expat
  • @whatsonsg – discover the latest events, deals and trends in Singapore

2. Blogs

There are over 150,000,000 blogs worldwide, and a new blog is created somewhere in the world every half second according to WP Virtuoso magazine. Many people who become expats in Singapore also become bloggers judging by the number of expat blogs out there. Some focus on a particular subject such as food or fashion, while others deal in practical advice such as the best day in the week to visit the Singapore Flyer. Whatever you're looking for you can guarantee there will be a blog for you. And who knows, one day you may become a blogger yourself with a blog that helps out a new expat.

Blogs to follow:

  • – updates on all things food in Singapore
  • – regular posts on food, travel and fashion from Darren Ang
  • – expert on all things beautiful in Singapore and owner of a tiramisu cafe
  • - Jon is traveling in and around Singapore, and turns his experience in beautiful blogs and occasional rants

3. Instagram

Anyone can be a photographer or video maker thanks to Instagram. This social app operates as a photo diary and is an easy way for friends and family to see what your new life looks like on a day-to-day basis. It can also offer a glimpse into the lives of other Singaporeans, some of whom may be having similar adventures to you. Instagram is great for sharing your experiences in real-time and connecting with others who can offer up tips on what to do in the city state. Like Twitter, you can search for hashtags, such as #singaporenightlife to find evening inspiration.

Instagram accounts to follow:

  • @catslavery – stylish shots of interiors, food and selfies from around Singapore
  • @w0ngmayee – mesmerising portraits and photos of Singaporean events
  • @aikbengchia – long-term Instagrammer with a focus on street photography

4. Meetup Groups

When you connect with people who share your interests and live near you it makes creating a social life for yourself so much easier. The global social network Meetup is specifically designed for helping you find like-minded people in your area. You can choose from a wide variety of groups to join on subjects ranging from food and travel to music and art. By encouraging offline friendships and gatherings, Meetup is a great tool to use if you've just moved to Singapore and don't know anybody yet.

Meetup groups to join:

  • SIFEC – Singapore International Friends and Expats Club
  • Coffee & Cravings – a great group for food and coffee lovers
  • JCO – Just Chill Out organises events where you can relax with other Singapore expats and locals

5. YouTube

While blogging remains popular, some publishers have chosen to go down a more visual route by creating video blogs of their life in Singapore. YouTube is the best platform for finding them and contains a number of useful guides including tours of famous landmarks and videos on how to speak Singlish. Some videos will be informative and packed with facts and figures, while others offer you a glimpse into Singaporean culture, music and food.

Youtube accounts to subscribe to:

  • Mista Brown – a satirical look at current affairs in Singapore
  • Sammy Driscoll – in-depth analyses on aspects of Singapore life and culture
  • JianHao Tan – mock-takes of teenage life in the city state

These are just five of the top social media platforms to use to find out about Singapore. There are many others to choose from, including Pinterest, Vine, Reddit and Scribd. Do you recommend any other ones that helped you? If so, share them with us.

This guest post was contributed by Ben Holbrook, Marketing Assistant at HotelClub. Thanks Ben!